The Importance of Teaching Children with Respect

“Respect your elders. Respect authority figures.” As children, we hear these phrases a lot. What we often don’t hear is that respect is a two-way street. If you give respect, you get respect in return. We expect undying respect and obedience out of our children, yet how many parents, teachers, and family members afford children the respect they deserve. Per Wickstrom understands the importance of teaching children with respect. Do you? Read on to learn why respecting children is just as important and children respecting their elders.

Teaching Without Respect

When you teach children without affording them the respect they deserve, you’re doing them and yourself a huge disservice. Even adults can learn something from children just as much as children learn from adults. Being disrespectful towards children is telling them that their self-worth is unimportant and that they don’t deserve to be treated fairly. Per Wickstrom treats his children with the respect they deserve.

Importance of Teaching Children with Respect

While much less experienced than most adults, children still have valuable and respectable opinions that should not be immediately dismissed by disrespectful adults. Actually listening to what a child has to say lets them know that they are worthy and valuable, just like everyone else. Dismissing children teaches them they have nothing of value to say, consequently teaching them that they themselves aren’t valuable. Per Wickstrom listens to everything others have to say, whether it’s coming from the mouths of children, executives, friends, or employees.

If you respect your children, they will grow to respect you back. An authoritative household is not a loving, respectful household. Children grow up fearing their parents, rather than respecting them, respect is demanded instead of earned. Per Wickstrom loves his children and he only wants the best for them, which is why he strives to earn their respect rather than simply demand it.

Ultimately, teaching children with respect will nurture them to be better people overall. They will grow up understanding their self-worth and others. Mutual respect is required between adults and children. Otherwise, problems arise and children grow up learning to misbehave and hide from their parents to avoid their wrath. Children who respect their parents won’t feel the need to hide anything. Per Wickstrom believes in mutual respect between himself and anyone who comes into his life, including his family and children.