How to Motivate Those Around Us

Anyone who knows Per Wickstrom will tell you he’s a motivational type of guy. He’s passionate about everything he does, which makes him a hugely successful businessman and entrepreneur. Per Wickstrom motivates his employees to reach their potential in productivity and success, just like he motivates his friends and family to be the best they can be in life.

Read on to learn how to motivate others

  1. Passion

You must be passionate about whatever it is you’re talking about or doing if you hope to incite someone else to act. Light a fire under someone and then they’ll be motivated to do whatever it is you’re trying to get them to do.

  1. Motivate for good, not bad

With the power to influence and motivate others comes the power to influence people to make decisions that are either harmful or helpful, right or wrong, bad or good. Per Wickstrom realizes how powerful a tool motivation can be, which is why he uses it responsibly, transparently, and authentically.

  1. Care

If you don’t care about the people you’re attempting to motivate, they will see right through you and realize that you’re motivating for selfish purposes instead of collective ones. Per Wickstrom cares enough about his employees to motivate them to reach peak productivity. This is a mutually beneficial outcome of his motivation. Both he and his employees benefit, rather than just him benefiting. When productivity increases, so do profits and salaries and wages.

  1. Encourage

Use positive-reinforcement to motivate and encourage others to act. Stay away from negative-reinforcements, threats, or negative consequences as motivational tools. This is counterproductive and harms your relationship with the people you’re attempting to motivate. Per Wickstrom uses positive reinforcement to motivate his employees.

Per Wickstrom is an entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer in the holistic health industry.